The Vibraphone Records was born at the turn of what was one of the most exciting and creative club culture Capitoline. We are in the late '80s and early infiltration dance coming from the United States were released into the air in an evening then to the history, the Devotion. Prior to life85 then eurythmy, this group of friends who had shared a room full epic Paradise Garage in New York tried to replicate the mood investing Rome of a new energy charge called House Music.


"I was living in London during those years (Stefano Curti ed) but are in Rome and then went back to town every so often to see some friends. At that time I was involved with industrial and electronic things but I began to hear the first records from Detroit that I really liked.

In Rome, through my dear friend Paolo Di Nola (DJ of the legendary Euritmia) I tried to figure out if he knew of the DJs / musicians who are interested in doing things house oriented electronic clubbing and so I met Mauro Tannin and Stefano Di Carlo. Later Stefano Mauro Ruvolo introduced us and together we began to make music.

After producing a series of songs we felt the need to see them printed and then we had the idea to found a label, a size that gave him full control over the content aristici / creative freedom and also to manage everything in the ways and times to we require. "

The discs of Detroit, but also those of Chicago obviously were one of the opening words that engulfed an entire generation and then in Rome were forming groups of artists inspired by this breath of fresh air began to shape their sounds, experimenting in order to obtain a result as possible personal and able to overturn once again the rules.

While wing definite that we can connect to people like Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Andrea Benedetti and Eugenio Vatta, and yet Marco Micheli, Gabriele Rizzo, Marco Passarani, TEW, Amptek but many others, poured their energies and their creativity in sound harder and breaking, this small group of friends and was then theorized to write a warmer sound and sensual, direct descendant at House Music, which became the hallmark of the Vibraphone Records.


Almost parallel Tannin, Di Carlo and Curti, along with Leo Young set up the project The True Underground Sound Of Rome (slogan then applied to all the doilies future Vibraphone) with which they recorded two LPs, the first for the UMM and the second Male for Production, in which discs can be felt the perfect blend techno / house and also it is possible to catch some sound peculiarities that allowed then to fly to Vibraphone.

Hearing a passage symbol as Secret Doctrine (which opens the first of two Ep) we invested in this pastoral approach where keyboards, flutes and organ were played to reproduce sensations of peace full of spirituality. Atmospheres replicated and amplified in the pads of celestial Gladiators (the b-side), songs that also proposed the first samples of natural sounds such as splashing water, birds or simple ways of urban moods.

"We have not made too many problems on the stylistic choices to be taken and also the various labels / genres we were a bit 'tight, because we believe the identification of a kind is often based on subjective rather than objective data. However, we listened to a lot of Detroit Techno and also what was then known Intelligent Techno. "

The first twelve inches of Vibraphone Records was published in 1992 under the symbol 49th Floor and is called Night Passage; on the first side of the title track plus a second song called Fast City, while the b-side two remixes of the opening track.

Night Passage out of the groove with one of those heavenly pad that go down to the vaults of heaven as cash, cymbal and percussion begin to move the undergrowth. Once bassline deadly, a tour of the keyboard, and finally a voice chorus that raises even more the whole. A break with the riffs of electric piano and a sense of magic that sounds 100% House music.

Twenty-two years have passed since that first cry and this music has not lost an ounce of that eternal glory.


"Our records were surprisingly well received, especially in London, I remember going around with discs in the car and I went store to store to feel things they thought, then after a while we contacted the office of the Flying Recods London with which we found a distribution agreement "


Minimal Vision was the embodiment of the second chapter of the catalog, a record that showed a different character from the first, where the melodies are more dark and deep, and that the first album was a lyrical baroque here becomes a groove and minimal voted to hypnosis with exquisite electronic drifts as with the second song Prelude.


On side B as a masterpiece House Milky Way, a cloth deep where the tribal rhythm, a bass and powerful four simple notes create a perfect climax, punctuated here and there by small electronic inserts that finish the walls.


High Flyer, 003 is a classic of the House with vocal samples and the veil of magic that with hindsight is the quintessence of production Vibraphone, authentic anthem still used by Djs noticed.


At number 004 is still a new pseudonym, this time The Bermuda Triangle, so much so that one wonders if in fact the various products were managed separately, but the response of Stefano Di Carlo leaves no room for interpretation:


"We did everything together, and we each contributed something to playing the songs"


The fourth chapter is perhaps the one that most of all it is open to different sounds and instruments, for example, from the Jazz or exotic aesthetic as the third piece in the lineup: Marine sulphure Queen, while maintaining all the strength at House and that stamp unequivocal ensemble Roman knew indulge intriguing electronic hiking, see Freya, a song that closes the Ep and reconciling, perhaps as never before, extract electronic English the human warmth at House.


The number 005: The Elements, something changed, not in word but in its conjugations. Emblematic the "Detroit Mix" was added to the appendix of the first track in the lineup, Future Bop, as if at some point in the journey around the mysticism expressed was conveyed to an unknown other, not religious but scientific.

The proof was the second Minimal Vision (006 catalog and unique pseudonym to be used twice) in which a strong accent made his appearance in the cinematic intro environmental songs and choice of global sounds that for example in a song as Cyclops glimpse of a crystalline symbiosis Techno / House which will rage the entire Ep, now rare and sold in crazy amounts.


The publications of the Vibraphone came to an end a year later with the seventh installment in the saga, Loss Of Gravity published under the pseudonym K2, disc opens with the visceral melody of The Journey, we do not know if this music already had the taste of farewell when it was conceived, the fact is that the song sounds like a greeting moved which is hard not to let tears escape.

The second song, In My Garden, come back the aquatic sounds that characterized the first singles, accompanied by the sweet sound of a guitar and echoes of seagulls, a dream Balearic pure, still magic.

The B-side is characterized by electronics primordial CH47 combining tribal rhythms to moods and urban samples stolen from some dark forest, but most of what we accept as the grand finale, Levitation, an experiment where a vocal lyric vaults in the air with a moving bassline and a number of synthetic sounds that speak a language unknown future.


Seven discs, an increasingly low profile, the brains and arms pledged to give a voice to the machines in their studio in Rome.


"A few, carefully selected, in order of importance: Roland TR-808, Roland TR-909, Roland TR-707, Roland TB-303, Roland Juno 106, Oberheim Matrix 6, Korg M1, a rack Yamaha TX7 and a couple of samplers : The Akai S 950 and the Akai S 1000 "


A memory that can not stop for a moment around a small tragedy, Mauro Tannin (the magician) is killed on August 12, 2000 by practicing what was his usual passion, skydiving, over the skies of Ravenna. Mauro had continued to make music with his friend Stefano Di Carlo, and was one of the most respected DJs Capitoline, remind us of his friends with a few comprehensive words:


"Mauro gave an essential contribution, viral, vibrant, Mauro was (or rather say it is) pure energy ..."

Today, after twenty-one years, seven albums and a status of legend, the Vibraphone Records back in some way to live.


"We are currently remastering all the songs in our catalog that in addition to all things previously published sees also some unpublished, are also to open a YouTube channel where we will load a series of new videos that are edited for some of the pieces in our repertoire so as to support the kinematic structure which we believe already be in music.


Without this we will produce some new things and then try (we are already considering a number of offers) a label that is interested in reprinting the entire catalog on vinyl as well as a CD box set of unreleased things old and new.


After a long break we are affected (with Mauro and Stefano) and there is some energy and enthusiasm, it is strange, but after more than 20 years, things that did not seem to have lost appeal, at least this is what We tell us Our fans around the world that we thank and that there are reasons to leave. "

Above all, the story of a strong friendship, the story of four men who simply translated into sound their emotions, united in everything in life, in music and even in death.


"There are many memories, but perhaps one of us was impressed in the soul, after a long night at Ministry of Sound we were all together at dawn, quite destroyed for various reasons, physical and chemical ... In my car, parked in a place from where we could see from afar the West End, in a long, beautiful silence. "


Following a mix-tribute made by Estimulo, a great collector, DJ and radio speaker German, who gave us an hour of vibration choices in that casket of secrets, enjoy!



01. K2 - In My Garden

02. The True Underground Sound Of Rome - Clouds (Dub Version)

03. The Bermuda Triangle - Mary Celeste

04. The True Underground Sound Of Rome - Secret Doctrine

05. Minimal Vision - Milky Way

06. The Elements - Chico !?

07. 49th Floor - Fast City

08. Ricardo - High Flyer (Angel Mix)

09. K2 - The Journey

10. The True Underground Sound Of Rome - Interface

11. The Bermuda Triangle - Marine sulphure Queen

12. The True Underground Sound Of Rome - Gladiators

13. Minimal Vision - Magic Staircase

14. The Elements - With ... Fusion

15. 49th Floor - Night Passage (Underground Radio Mix)

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